Return of the Copperhead
A David Black production of a Pentagram movie serial
Produced by David Leary and Dan Amorello.  Written by David Black.  Directed by Blackie Seymour.










Michael Vaughn as "The Copperhead"

Michael Vaughn as "Bob Wayne"
Jane C. Moore as "Joan Parker"
Danny Amorello as "Jeff Stevens"

Blackie Seymour as "Corey"

What's new?

Original first page


April 5, 2012

Beginning revisions....

Having begun this website as a personal response to misinformation, I'm trying to evolve it more toward an "official" website for Return of the Copperhead.  This is appropriate because the post-production status of the serial has evolved.

There is a personal story to tell and I still intend to tell it, just not all on the first page.  I've made little progress on that because there are a lot of other ROTC matters that need my attention more urgently.  Eventually, I expect that I'll make a place for it and find the time to add to it.

I've found that most people don't actually read that much of what I've written.  Their eyes may pass over it but not that much is given any thought.  While at times this is frustrating I'm trying to learn to adjust my expectations.  I expect that at least 90% of the first time browsers of this revised website will immediately push the "Video" button before reading anything.  Most won't actually read what I've written there either (that is, once I finally get around to putting some video links there;  for now there's not much choice) and they may or may not get around to what I'm writing here, so I won't worry about it.

Those who do read closely may have noticed that I've added Danny's name to the masthead.  From the time that he first joined Blackie and me in this enterprise Danny has been the third partner in David Black Productions but, as he's somewhat younger than I am, the name "David Black" was already in place.  Danny's off-screen work on this project was crucial to so many aspects that Producer is really the only appropriate credit.  I expect that as I get around to telling the whole story about making ROTC I'll be giving a lot more detail, but thirty years ago we were more concerned with getting it done than figuring out the credits.  I thought maybe now was the time, especially as he is the principal force behind reviving and finishing the production.

Blackie's widow, Alicia Seymour, has been most generous in locating original production materials.  Those familiar with the large size and multitudinous contents of the Pentagram Library know what an effort that can be.  While she is too young to have been involved in the original production, when those movie credits are actually prepared she will surely have a "Special thanks to..." line, and she has my thanks here, as well.


David Leary


(-?-) as "The Raven"

Tim Waite as "Professor Parker"

Mike Stone as "Greg"
Blackie Seymour as "Corey"

Bill Kilmer as "Merton"

Tom Townsend as "Brady"

The State Investigating Committee

Eric Hafen as "Walters"
Bill Kilmer as "Merton"
Jim Shoenberger as "Maxwell"
Joseph Leary as "Noland"
Howard Sears as "Landers"

Andy Maddocks as "Rankin"
(-?-) as "The Raven"
Blackie Seymour as "Corey"

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