Return of the Copperhead
A David Black production of a Pentagram movie serial
Produced by David Leary and Dan Amorello.  Written by David Black.  Directed by Blackie Seymour.

Bancroft Tower circa 1969

These might be from 1968.  I suppose that I should just pick one year or the other and drop the "circa" but I have a reason why it matters to me.

I've found the negatives that we shot that summer at the Bancroft Tower and some other locations, such as the Federal St. elevated parking lot (still there in 1981 but now gone) and the fire escapes on the old Capitol Theatre building (it was actually the "Showcase Cinema" by then and today is still a theatre but not for movies) which served as the exit from the "Scientific Laboratories Warehouse."  Perhaps one day I'll make a cleaner and more complete set of prints for the Bancroft Tower.  I could scan the negatives, but it may wait until I have a darkroom again.



Bancroft Tower circa 1969 when it still had the air raid siren on top.
It was removed some time prior to 1981.

Another angle showing that the air raid siren can be eliminated from the shot if necessary.  I suppose we could CGI it out but, umm, oh yeah, this was 1969.





Even without someone in the shot for scale, this gives an idea of how narrow the tower is.  The stairs are about four feet wide.

This shot (of the other side) shows that one can, to a limited extent, choose an angle that cheats on the depth of the tower.  At least, at the base.



Looking down from one of the windows in the central connecting passageway.
There are two of these "guard towers" seen in the background on each side of
the main driveway.  From the front they replicate the high tower but much
closer to the ground.  "Brady's" fall in the last chapter actually happens there.



The shot at left was cut to overlap with with another for a wider view.  The "B" on the stone perch indicated an intended camera position, I think, or maybe it was for action.  It's been a long time.  Apparently this still wasn't needed, so it's in the pile of leftovers.  Actually, all of these are.

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