Return of the Copperhead
A David Black production of a Pentagram movie serial
Produced by David Leary and Dan Amorello.  Written by David Black.  Directed by Blackie Seymour.

Memphis Film Festival 1984

Friday, July 6, 1984 was the only time that I know of that the trailer for Return of the Copperhead was publicly displayed.

I've seen some discussion and speculation about the trailer.  It's not clear to me whether or not Blackie may have shown it elsewhere.

My recollection of the showing in Memphis, which I've confirmed with Donna (who took these pictures), is that the audience was enthusiastic and there was a round of applause following the showing.  There were many favorable comments made afterward and as you can see from the pictures both Jane and Blackie were asked for autographs.  Jim Shoenberger wasn't able to make it to the convention but he had many friends there who asked about his role in the serial.

On one of those message boards out there I've seen one comment from someone who vaguely remembers the trailer as being "amateurish."  Although I don't consider that to be an accurate description, I have no argument with the comment itself because whatever impression you have is yours, not mine.  Certainly it wasn't made by Republic or any other Hollywood studio.

In the "Forum" on this website I've made a comment concerning the technically deficient "work print" that I've found of the trailer.  I'm still holding out hope of locating the actual finished print that was shown at Memphis.

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