Return of the Copperhead
A David Black production of a Pentagram movie serial
Produced by David Leary and Dan Amorello.  Written by David Black.  Directed by Blackie Seymour.

P(ublicity) shots

P-001    Andy Maddocks, Bill Kilmer, Blackie Seymour

P-002    A tenth-century chapel in the Worcester Art Museum serves as the headquarters for The Raven, mysterious crime master in "Return of the Copperhead."  Here, Director BLACKIE SEYMOUR, who also portrays the role of The Raven's chief henchman, Corey, discusses an upcoming scene with ANDY MADDOCKS, who portrays the evil scientist, Rankin.

P-003    On the Chapter House set of "Return of the Copperhead."  Pictured are ANDERSON MADDOCKS and Director BLACKIE SEYMOUR.

P-006    The Bancroft Tower, a state monument, serves as headquarters for The Raven, diabolical crime master in "Return of the Copperhead."

P-010    Thomas Belezarian, Michael Vaughn

P-005    Thomas Belezarian, Michael Vaughn

P-014    Thomas Belezarian, Michael Vaughn

P-022    Thomas Belezarian, Michael Vaughn

P-004    Blackie Seymour, Danny Amorello

P-009    JANE C. MOORE uses a ladder to guage the distance for a stunt scene in an action sequence from "Return of the Copperhead."

P-017    Howard Sears

P-007    Danny Amorello, Jane C. Moore

P-008    Mike Stone, Danny Amorello, Ronald Greene

P-0128    Director BLACKIE SEYMOUR (note the trademark black and white shoes) instructs BILL KILMER and JANE C. MOORE

P-016   JANE C. MOORE sits for a camera and sound test for a scene in "Return of the Copperhead."

P-011    DANNY AMORELLO and JANE C. MOORE take a break while the Committee Room sequence is being filmed on the set of "Return of the Copperhead."

P-018    Jim Shoenberger, Jane C. Moore

P-019    JIM SHOENBERGER and JANE C. MOORE rehearse their lines for a tense scene on the State Investigating Committe set of "Return of the Copperhead."

P-015    Jane C. Moore, Jim Shoenberger

P-020    Blackie Seymour, Joseph Leary

P-021    TIM WAITE as Professor Edwin Parker adds some unexpected dialogue to a scene with JANE C. MOORE.

P-028    Danny Amorello, Blackie Seymour, Mike Mamovich

P-040    ELENA SEYMOUR retrieving breakaway props after fight sequence.

P-044    BLACKIE SEYMOUR filming "Parker's Apartment" scenes.

P-041    Donna Leary, Jane C. Moore, Blackie Seymour

P-042    DONNA LEARY keeping continuity notes during Committee Room shooting.

P-043    At Memphis Film Festival 1984:
David Leary      Blackie Seymour
Jane Seymour      Janice

P-045    CHET CLARKE prepares to meet a gruesome fate in Episode 13.

P-030    Andy Maddocks, Blackie Seymour

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