Return of the Copperhead
A David Black production of a Pentagram movie serial
Produced by David Leary and Dan Amorello.  Written by David Black.  Directed by Blackie Seymour.

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Bancroft Tower circa 1969

Memphis Film Festival 1984


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I'm going to put up at least some of the photos as I get them scanned.  I'll caption most of them later as they become useful to me.

Don't expect too much, too quickly

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Over the past couple of months "Return of the Copperhead" has changed from an unfinished project to, at least in some sense, an ongoing project largely due to this section.  I suppose that I should have seen it coming but when I started off I really wasn't thinking very far ahead.

Because ROTC was unfinished the great majority of the stills were never selected or printed.  Back in the '80s I had a darkroom set up to work with b&w and most of what I've posted here was scanned from the 8 x 10s that I made at that time.  There were a few rolls that I took to a one-hour photo place because there was an urgent need to see the results.  I still have some, perhaps most but not all, of the 3½ x 5s but the important ones were later prepared as 8 x 10s while the remaining ones were often tacked up on bulletin boards or marked up for camera positioning so a number of these prints (not the negatives) were damaged or lost.

All of the color rolls were done by the one-hour photo and printed as 4 x 6s.  I've been scanning some of these but I've been distressed to find that while they look okay to the eye as glossy prints, when scanned it reveals how inadequately washed they actually are.  I've tried "cleaning" some of them digitally and some I've soaked and washed in water.  I remain hopeful that the negatives are cleaner than the prints.

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I've begun to scan directly from negatives.  I'm learning as I go along and it's slow going.  I had intended to write a lot about this but since I'm still trying to figure things out it would probable be best to skip that at this time.  For now I'll mention that "focus" seems to be an analog concept.

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I'm going to post some contact sheets here.  I made dozens of actual contact sheets back when but I also have more than a few sets of negatives for which none exists and I need to be able to see what's on them.  I've started the numbering arbitrarily at 151 to avoid any previously used numbers and if (when) I work on color negatives I'll probably jump to 201.

Many of these are as crappy as they appear to be.  I'm letting you see everything.  In general I'd expect about a 15 to 1 shooting ratio.  Once I can see what might be there I can decide which ones are worth working with.  These are low-res scans, not cropped for subject or leveled and the scanning "exposure" is kinda one-size-fits-all.

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I haven't done much more of the scanning from negatives lately.  I have about four more sheets worth scanned but not yet ready to post and the press of other business has prevented putting the necessary time into that but, as with so many things, I do intend to get back to it.

As another "spare time" project I've begun to rebuild my darkroom.  I expect that it will likely take at least six months, maybe more likely nine, to finish.  Need to re-install plumbing and light-tight ventilation, possibly electrical work, and general carpentry.  Oh, and find some other place to store all of the stuff I've put in there.

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